Heartbeat Art

John Zenc

John Zenc aka “Prison Picasso,” is one of the most brilliant artists from the 1970’s to the present.

For nearly 47-years he has been hidden away, in the cracks of the walls of the California prison system.

John Zenc is one of the most eccentric, eclectic, and skillful artists of our time. His body of work numbers almost 1,700 pieces, that can be found all around the world. John recalls that John Lennon purchased three of his artworks approximately six months before his death.

There are approximately, 200 pieces left of his personal collection and John continues to create new paintings. Among John Zenc’s portfolio, you will find fun, playful and colorful artwork brought to life in many different styles and traditions including African masks, Australian and Chinese style art. His collection features abstract art displaying themes of modernization, nature and the struggles of humanity. His use of color is masterful and inviting. His artwork holds the viewer’s attention.

To view John Zenc’s additional artwork, visit https://Johnzencart.wixsite.com/website

To purchase John’s artwork, please e-mail Ms. Joslyn Lapinski, Curator at johnzencart@gmail.com

Deep Thought

Size: 11×14, 2023

Holding on to My Dream

Size: 11×14, 2023

How Many Dots

Size: 11×14, 2023

Organized Confusion

Size: 11×14, 2023

Rich Man’s Art: The Man that has Everything

Size: 11×14, 2023

The Broken Face

Size: 11×14, 2023

The Springtime – Mating Whales, Lost at Sea

Size: 11×14, 2023

Grassy Field II

Behind the Wire Fence

Under Cover Angel, Midnight Fantasy

Slam Dunk, NBA

Skip Lock, 2023

 Magnetic Overtone

The Springtime – Mating Whales, Lost at Sea

Size: 11×14, 2023

Continuing Bloodshed

Size: 11×14, 2023

The 5th Term, Never Give Up

Size: 11×14, 2023

The Springtime – Mating Whales, Lost at Sea

Size: 11×14, 2023

Warm Heart

Size: 11×14, 2023

Sound -1963

Size: 11×14, 2023

 The Grassy Field

Size: 11×14, 2023

 Keffier Savary

Keffier Savary – was born in Kingston Jamaica and raised in Miami, Florida. He is talented in both art and music. He placed amongst the top in art competitions. In High School, he did a portrait of the late Congresswoman Carrie Meek. He also received numerous college scholarships for art nationwide and decided to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, a very prestigious art school, which he only attended for 1 year before leaving for the military shortly after the attacks at the World Trade Center.

Although art wasn’t his job in the military, Keffier was still chosen to design the squadron’s basic training shirt at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He also created a statue of an Air Force pilot, which still stands today in Heritage Park, at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. Keffier Savary received an Honorable
Discharge years later.

Keffier is currently serving a 77-years-to-life sentence. He explains that it’s “due to false evidence and prosecutorial misconduct.” Now, he creates art in prison, drawing portraits of girlfriends or family members of guys at his facility to acquire funds for food and hygiene items to get by. He also creates paintings of celebrities, political caricatures and more.

Keffier says, “Art, is a way to mentally leave this negative environment. I get lost in it, being able to create something from nothing. My faith in God is rocky at times, but I know it’s He who gives me these talents and I thank Him for it because I would starve without it.

Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Portrait of Alec and Caleb from Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Greg Ennis

Gregory Ennis is a writer with several books he is hoping to have published. Gregory had given up on art after he lost his sister 8 years ago. He credits my request for artwork for this issue of Spotlight on Recovery, with motivating him to created the artwork, “Life in Christ.”



Massillon L’herisson a.ka. Mr. Art

I was born in Boyton Beach, Florida on 6/23/90, to two immigrant parents from Haiti. The youngest of seven children, I lost my mother to Breast Cancer at the early age of 4. I was raised by a single father ever since, up until the age of 18.

I fell in love with art as a coping mechanism for the lost of a parent, and I have been on a spiritual journey ever since. Currently I am residing at Martin Correctional Institution, where I continue to broaden my horizons mentally and spiritually.



Beauty in the Struggle