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Wanted: Funny Short Stories, upcoming topic: Sometimes, We Just Have to Laugh!

Spotlight on Recovery 20th Anniversary Issue If you have read or written Spotlight on Recovery 20th Anniversary Issue If read or written articles for Spotlight on Recovery, please send in your testimony on how Spotlight on Recovery Magazine has helped you.

Articles are due August 05, 2021.

REASONS: Have you ever heard the term, “Try walking in my shoes?” There are many reasons we react to events without thinking and there are times we are judged on those reactions.

To march in droves, during a pandemic when Brother George Floyd lost his life, was a powerful reason to react during a pandemic. In this issue, I want to discuss the reasons you reacted to an event and if it was a negative or positive outcome. We can all learn from our past reactions to events that knocked us into a consciousness or into an unfortunate scenario because we were compelled to react. Articles and Poems are due December 5, 2021

(Setting) BOUNDARIES: Between 2019 and 2021, we have learned a lot about boundaries. Standing six feet apart, 25% capacity in a movie theater or restaurant, mandatory mask wearing and isolation. The country informed us that a lack of boundaries could lead to contamination to Covid-19. Can what we’ve learned about boundaries be used in all aspects of our lives? Have you added new boundaries in how you interact with people, including those on social media?

Your thoughts. – Articles and Poems are due November 20, 2021

LIES I’VE BEEN TAUGHT – Yes, this can be a reality check. There are many things we have been taught, be it in our culture, environment, school or on the streets. When did you learn the truth about something you’ve been taught, and how do we ensure that our children of the future know the truth?


There’s a fight going on now, to teach “Critical Race Theory,” in public schools, which would discuss among other things racism in the U.S. Statues are being removed from museums, colleges, and parks because it is a fact that those, we have put on a pedestal were slave owners. – Articles and Poems are due December 5, 2021.

DIVIDED WE FALL – Has all the work Dr. King and others try to teach us about unity left our memory and our hearts? Non-violence is not what’s going on in our streets. It appears that we are more divided today than we were fifty years ago. The senseless killings in our communities where, women, children, teens, and senior citizens are targets. We are brothers and sisters in the eyes of our Lord. Our children are our future, and they are dying almost every day.


Let’s discuss what we need to do to bring us together. All people, young, old, green, yellow, purple, disabled, sick, poor, wealthy and the lost.  What’s the common ground that will bring people together? – Articles and poems are due November 20, 2021.

WRITER’S CHOICE, PART 5-Every year I allow my writers to send in their own topics, it’s the Writer’s Choice. Please keep in mind that all articles are reviewed and are subject to editing. Articles and poems are due January 14, 2022.


MOVIES WITH A MESSAGE – I’m a visual learner and I enjoy watching movies that have a storyline about family issues, mental health/disabilities, racism, or a good biographical film. These films move me, like “In the Heat of the Night,” “West Side Story, (1962), “The Miracle Worker,” and the eye-opening “Get Out.”


I want you to share one or two movies that spoke to your inner soul. The one that made the light go on or shocked your senses.  All articles or poems are due January 14, 2022.

Send your aticles to rgraham_100@msncom by August 1, 2021.