Writer’s Call

October 23, 2023

Dear Potential Writer,

Spotlight on Recovery just entered its twenty-second year in print. I feel blessed to be able to bring hope into the lives of so many people.

Below are the topics for the 2024 publishing year. I’m excited to welcome the many new writers who will be submitting articles for Spotlight on Recovery Magazine for the very first time.

Once again, I am including a Writer’s Choice issue. This will be the 7th issue that I have featured a platform for my writers talk about topics that interest them and most definitely interest our readers.

As always, you may choose two (2) topics to submit articles for next year. Please note, there are two topics that are non-payment topics. They are Voice of the People and The Spotlight on Art and Recovery Issue.

Voice of the People is an open letter to a local, state or government agency you feel has ignored your plight or the plight of people in your community. The reason I am not paying writers for their letters is that I am paying postage to send Voice of the People to those local, state and government agencies on your behalf.

The Spotlight on Art and Recovery issue is specifically for individual artists to submit their artwork. If you are not an artist, and there is someone in your community or facility you would share this information with, please feel free. They can send me a letter requesting additional information.

I hope these topics speak to all my family of writers, poets, and artists. Please pay attention to the deadlines. If you have access to a tablet, you can submit your articles via Securus, JPay, Connect Network , Getting Out or Corrlinks.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Robin Graham
Robin Graham

Articles are due August 05, 2021.

WRITER’S CHOICE, PART 7 – Release Date: February 2024

Once again writers, here is where you decide what you want to write about. All articles are subject to editing if necessary. Please be mindful of your word count. You can submit poetry and/or articles for this issue. Due Date: December 5, 2023

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE – Special Edition: Release Date: March 2024

Sometimes our messages to the people in office get drowned out by other issues. Spotlight on Recovery wants to help bring attention to those issues affecting you or your community. Letters published in the magazine The Voice of the People issue will be mailed to local, state and government agencies. Please be respectful and stay on topic.

Letters received, and accepted will not be paid for by R. Graham Publishing Company. The reason being, we are providing a service to you, by mailing the magazine to the agencies on your behalf. You will receive 3 copies of the magazine as usual. Due Date: December 11, 2023


It is a pleasure to provide a platform for artists in Spotlight on Recovery magazine. The goal of this issue is to give the audience some of the best artistic drawings, paintings, portraits, and artistic creations by the incarcerated and returning community.

If you are interested, you can mail in your artwork, or have a family member take a digital photo and submit your artwork. All art must be your original artwork, no copies of art from books or magazines.

Your artwork can be submitted by mail to R. Graham Publishing Company, 10201 Flatlands Avenue, #360111, Brooklyn, New York 11236 or e-mail to rgraham_100@msn.com along with a statement about your piece and a short bio, and your picture.

Since there will be minimum writing involved in submitting artwork, I will reimburse the cost of submitting your artwork. Three pieces of artwork is the maximum. I will also provide additional payment towards the written description of your work. Due Date: December 30, 2023


I know it is very difficult to hold on to your identity when the world is moving so fast. We are all trying to keep up and meet the challenge to stay above the water line.

I also know that there are issues that can trip you up and make you feel like you need a shortcut to the good things in life. You change your path, you change your goals, and before you know it, you don’t know who you are or what you want anymore.

We get lost, trying to fit in, trying to be seen and trying to get attention. People do all kinds of things for attention, and afterwards they find that all they really needed to do, was be themselves.

Yes, change can be good, unless you lose yourself in the process. How easy is it to get caught in an identity crisis?

Who defines who you are?

The neighborhood you come from, your parents, kids at school, Reality Shows, Tik tok, or your Creator?

Think about it, we all have differences and are for the most part originals, unless you are an identical twin. However, even identical twins have different fingerprints.

If you have lost your identity, because you felt you needed to be accepted, can you talk about what happened? Did it make you a better person or did it destroy part of the person you wanted to be?

Do you like who you are now? Did you regain your originality?

Due Date: January 16, 2024


A MESSAGE TO A SUPERWOMAN: It’s Okay to Hang up Your Cape and Do You!

This issue will be a message to the women who have been carrying the load for the missing fathers. For grandmothers becoming mothers again to their grandchildren.

It’s for the women who have been strong for so many, with no one being strong for them. Give them tips for delegating some of their load to others. Give them relief and respite with your words.

Spotlight on Recovery would like to lighten their load with words of encouragement and to let them know; it’s okay to hang up your cape and do you! Due Date: February 16, 2024


Our children are like sponges. When you put good things into their spirit, they will return good things to the world. When you put negative things into their spirit, they will return negativity to the world.

Our children are not only watching how you move, talk, laugh, dress, cook, and dance, they are listening to the other sounds around them. They are hearing all types of sounds in the streets, on social media, at school, on the bus, on the news and on the playground.

It is so important that your voice, your love, your spirit, and energy, overtakes all the other noise in the world. The noise that’s trying to take advantage of the curiosity of a child, over the foundation you took the time to build.

Please feel free to share how your curiosity made you stray from a foundation that provided you with safety, love, and positivity and what parents should be aware of to protect their children and the future of our children. Due date: March 30, 2024


When was the last time you saw love?

Not made love, but saw it, in someone’s deeds, in some one’s speech, or felt it in someone’s embrace, in a sign from God or in the color of the sky on a day when you were feeling low.

Could you identify love if you saw it again?

Could you share the many shapes, colors, lessons and ways that love has given you hope, an answer, or understanding?

With the wars in our communities and abroad taking over the news and headlines, I want to talk about Love. This is what gives our world hope, but this world is swimming in chaos.

Let’s remind the world what Love is…

DUE DATE: MARCH 30, 2024.