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The Haves and Have Nots, June 2021

With so many words to say, still there is no beginning. With all the mental trauma, distress and agony it seems as if this pain is never ending.

Invisible Scars March 2020

The scars began when I was very young. The pain kept coming as the years went by, They stayed buried and I don’t know why

Brother, Can We Talk? August 2019

Told all my life there would be rainy days in the dark.Unprepared for what came next there was no Noah`s Ark. Holes in my big shoes to fill to gain respect from my father, Not divine in the least when i say i was walking on water

The 20th Anniversary Issue October 2021

Twenty years ago this October, I founded Spotlight on Recovery Magazine. I used writing therapy to begin a dialogue with people about healing after going through personal trauma.

WRITER’S CHOICE, PART 4 December 2020

Why do I hurt everyone I love? Why do I break everything I trust? Why is everything so much clearer in a broken mirror?

Leaving the Streets Behind Summer 2018

As the younger youth I once was, I chose to live the life of the streets. I was misled by temptation and swindled in by the pressure of peers, people surrounding me, and undermining the not so solid thoughts within my mind for a short spell.

Survivor February 2018

What am I feeling? Is this where I reside? Emptiness, loneliness, draining me from inside. I try to maintain smiles, but often find frowns. Making it seem I’m alright, while putting on a show for these clowns.

Why Didn't You Tell Me? December 2021

As we close this year, many people will say good-bye to 2021 with a heavy heart. Some may have lost a loved one to Covid-19, gun violence, car accidents, fires, drug overdoses, and suicides.

The Best Advice 2

Waves of good, and miserable times. Loving, and hating life. Searching for something, that takes a long time to find. People putting label